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University of Bristol: New research reveals countries most at risk of heat waves

The University of Bristol-led research, published last April 25 shows that unprecedented heat extremes combined with socioeconomic vulnerability puts certain regions most in peril. According to the study, a high chance of record-breaking temperatures, growing populations, and limited healthcare and energy provision, increase the risks.

The E and the S from the ESG. Great.

Areas such as Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and Central America are the first mentioned.

Then Beijing and Central Europe are also on the list of hotspots, for being densely populated regions, besides Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Since the study adds the social perspective, "developing countries" seem more on the spotlight that "developend countries". But facts are that climate risk is everywhere, regardless of level of social end economic development.

In the coming days we will post about the water crisis in Europe, the earlier start of the forest fires season in Canada and some other water-related issues in Mexico and Panama. By the way, yesterday the Spanish government annouced billions to fight the drought emergency. As you may know, the Northern hemisphere of the World now moves to Spring and Summer.

Co-author of the research Dann Mitchell, Professor in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Bristol Cabot Institute for the Environment, said: “Being prepared saves lives. We have seen some of the most unexpected heatwaves around the world lead to heat-related deaths in the tens of thousands. In this study, we show that such record smashing events could occur anywhere. Governments around the world need to be prepared.”

Click here for the press release of the the University of Bristol and at the image below for the research "The most at-risk regions in the world for high-impact heatwaves" itself, available at Nature.

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