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European Space Agency ESA: Heatwave across India

India is currently facing a prolonged heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 42°C in numerous cities across the country. This comes just weeks after India recorded its hottest March since the country’s meteorological department began its records over 120 years ago. The image below, produced using data from the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission, shows the land surface temperature across most of the nation. According to the India Meteorological Department (link), maximum air temperatures reached 43-46°C in many regions. Forecasters warned that heatwave conditions are expected to continue (click for the press releases). Experts at the Indian Institute of Technology’s Water and Climate Lab stated (link) that, in recent years, the number of Indian states hit by heatwaves has increased, as extreme temperatures become more frequent. Click to read more at the ESA European Spice Agency website.


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