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Solar power: Undersea 4,500km cable connecting Australia and Singapore

A global undersea power grid ? Like we already have for data and communications ? To export renewable energy, like solar ?

Sun Cable developed the so called AAPowerLink, the Australia–Asia Power Link. A huge electricity infrastructure project. According to the original plan, a solar farm In the Northern Territory of Australia to produce 20 gigawatts of electricity, most of which to be exported to Singapore, and at a later point Indonesia, by a 4,500 km 3 GW HVDC transmission line. Additionally, a 36-42 GWh battery to store energy to level energy availability, as sunlight varies throughout the day.

Basically the world's largest solar plant, the world's largest battery, and the world's longest submarine power cable. A $20 billion project.

Well, slightly ahead of its time, in January 2023 Sun Cable was forced into voluntary administration.

But fortunatelly, this did not last too long. The administrators announced yesterday, May 26 that a consortium led by Grok Ventures and including Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners had been successful in acquiring the company’s assets. Under their control, the project will pursue its original goal of exporting solar power from the outback of Australia to the island nation of Singapore.

The undersea powercable dream will get real.

What about a huge undersea pipeline for green hydrogen, like the one that will link Barcelona, Spain and Marseille, France? And maybe the Northern part of Africa afterwards? Or even French Guiana in South America?

How do you think all this will look like in 5 years from now ?

Click at the image below for the project's portal. And here for an article by ABC News from Australia.


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