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H2MED Project: Hydrogen pipeline between Spain and France to be complete by 2030

In a meeting last Friday December 9 at the Summit of Southern European Union countries, Portugal, Spain and France formalized the creation of a Green Energy Corridor connecting with the EU’s energy network, the H2MED Project. The key objective is to develop a maritime pipeline connecting Barcelona with Marseille (BarMar). And with hydrogen infrastructures technically adapted to transport other renewable gases, as well as a limited proportion of natural gas as a temporary and transitional source of energy. Enagás (Spain), Snam (Italy) and GRTgaz (France) to be the main companies in charge.

The Spanish president Pedro Sánchez goes the same direction, in another recent post from earlier December: "We have an extensive network of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, which can be adapted for the transport and supply of green hydrogen, thanks to the ambitious interconnection policy. The agreement we have reached with France and Portugal to build this Iberian hydrogen corridor, which we have called BarMar, could allow us to export 20% of the estimated production of the European Union as a whole by 2030", Sánchez highlighted. There are other projects in Spain that will even facilitate Spain's access to the "Delta Green Corridor", which connects Rotterdam with other European industrial clusters in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Speaking at the Summit, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission added: " ... Hydrogen is a game changer for Europe ... We want to make hydrogen a central part of our energy system in the transition to climate neutrality, to net zero. ... We want to produce 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen in the European Union by 2030. And we also plan to import in addition another 10 million tonnes. This hydrogen will have to reach our industry. This is why we also identified a series of strategic corridors that we need to transport the hydrogen ... This is why today, I warmly welcome this agreement between France, Spain and Portugal. Because your H2Med project goes absolutely in the right direction. It has the potential to help us build a real European hydrogen backbone. ... We are establishing hydrogen partnerships with the Mediterranean countries – we have one with Egypt already, we are now discussing one with Morocco ... So this is only the beginning."

Clique na imagem abaixo (PowerBI da ENTSOG) para ler um artigo da RTP.


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