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Africa’s extraordinary green hydrogen potential

A new study concluded that harnessing Africa's solar energy potential to produce green hydrogen would avoid the emission of approximately 500 million tonnes of CO2 per year, representing a 40% reduction of the continent's carbon emissions. And secure global supply of this new energy, through exports. Speciailly to markets in the neighbourhood, Europe for example.

The potential is quite significant: 50 Mt of green hydrogen per year. Not to mention economy stymulus (estim. EUR 40 billion / year of new GDP), creating jobs, decarbonizng heavy industries (steel, fertilizers), securing access fo clean water and sustainable energy.

According to the report, the African green hydrogen is economically viable, at EUR 2/kg, equivalent to EUR 90 / oil barrel.

So far there are 3 export hubs mapped:

  • Northwestern Africa hub, Marroco and Mauritania: International shipping and Pipeline to Spain (recall here our post about the newest BARMAR pipeline)

  • Egypt hub: pipeline to Greece and Calabria/Italy, shipping to Japan, India, etc.

  • Southern Africa hub, South Africa and Namibia: International shipping as NH3 or liquid H2

Others African countries are- literaly ;-) - on the pipeline, while planning, regulation, incentives, infrastructure, partnerships and financing are on the make.

The study was commissioned by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the International Solar Alliance and the Africa Union, supported by some other governments and entities. You can access a summary of it by clicking on the image below.

It seems that there will be a new global wave of energy interconnections and -dependencies, associated with new financial - and debt - flows in the global and regional markets.

A "wake up call", as the new year of 2023 starts.


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