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French Guiana: world's largest hydrogen plant

Hydrogen. More technology being developed. After you finish reading, think about whether the areas bordering the Amazon rainforest could become something like a "ring for hydrogen projects". Using the 'loss and damage' fund after the last COP27. For global benefit.

Let's see.

If Europe's Spaceport, the launchpad of the famous Ariane rockets, is already in the French Guiana, for its favourable equatorial and near open sea location, the region os becoming relevant for another innovative flagship: an hydrogen-based projetc.

Hydrogène de France (HDF) – a French company specialized in the development of hydrogen storage solutions - and its equity partners, the infrastructure fund Meridiam and the petroleum operator SARA (Rubis Group) – a French company specialized in the distribution of petroleum in French Guiana and the French Caribbean - have begun the construction of the CEOG (Centrale Electrique de l’Ouest Guyanais) Power Plant in French Guiana.

CEOG is the world’s first multi-megawatt hydrogen power plant. Weighing in at 128MWh, it includes the largest green hydrogen storage of intermittent electricity sources.

Operating completely autonomously, this innovative plant will produce 100% renewable electricity, from the sun and water. As such CEOG will prevent the combustion of 12 million litres of diesel per year and the emission of 39,000 tonnes of CO2 per year compared with an equivalent thermal power plant. It is scheduled to be operational by April 2024.

CEOG is 60% owned by Meridiam, 30% by SARA (Rubis Group) and 10% by HDF. French manufacturers McPhy and HDF will supply electrolysers and fuel cells respectively. The Franco-German consortium Siemens Energy SAS / Siemens Ebergy Global Gmbh & Co KG will be the manufacturer and operator of CEOG.

Click on the image below for a short 3 min video by CEOG (in French) about the project.

And here the links to the individual companies:


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