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Japan: seven advanced CCS projects annouced this week

Japan is very active in all efforts related to emissions reductions. From leading the "Article 6 Implementation Initiative" to pragmatically developing and applying new technologies, namely related to carbon capture, renewables or hydrogen.

That is why we choose Japan to conclude this serie of posts about CCS Carbon Capture and Storage, on purpose of the CCS Tech Summit next week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(Japan will be also a linking pin for tomorrow's post!).

Last Tuesday, June 13, the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security selected seven advanced CCS projects aiming for business role model, scale-up and efficiencies.

According to the press release "The seven selected projects target a wide range of industries such as electric power, oil refineries, steel, chemical, pulp/paper, and cement, and capture CO2 emitted from industrial clusters in Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Setouchi and Kyushu regions, etc., while also aiming to store approximately 6 to 12 Mtpa of CO2 in total by 2030. The projects (five of which plan to store CO2 in Japan, and the remaining two to do so in Asia and Oceania) aim to secure total storage of approximately 13 Mtpa of CO2. Through these projects, JOGMEC will seek to achieve approximately 120 to 240 Mtpa of CO2 storage by 2050 ..."

For each of the CCS projects are indicated companies involved, emission sources, where CO2 will be stored and what capacity, transportation means and a summary. Some of them indicate future collaboration with CCU and BECCS (recall the definitions). Cooperation with Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil company was also mentioned.

Click at the image below for the press release

Other than CCS, in terms DACCS / DAC and to have a sense about the Japanese P&D, refer to these 2022 posts:

To conclude, an linguistic reference: in Japanese, present and future verb forms are the same.





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