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About different carbon capture technologies

Carbon capture technologies.

In fact, we are continuing yesterday's post about the Hydrogen Exposition South America in Rio de Janeiro. And the panel "Carbon Capture Market in Brazilian Industry".

For North Americans, "There Are Fortunes to Be Made in the Carbon Capture Gold Rush". Including "tax credits".

For the Chinese, "Transforming CO2 into treasure".

You must have heard about CCS, CCUS, BECCS and DACCS, right? These are abbreviations in English, with two letters "C" indicating "Carbon Capture". But what would the exact difference between them be? Let's see.

- CCS, Carbon Capture & Storage: from emissions from industrial processes, and storage in underground geological formations. The United States has already mapped areas. See also the case of Petronas, integrating Asia.

- CCUS, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage: here a study on concrete / cement / carbonation.

- BECCS, Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage: potential for ethanol plants, for example. Including the recent methodology proposed by Gold Standard.

- DACCS, Direct Air Capture with Carbon Storage: removal of carbon from the air. Unlike the above, which are associated with industrial emissions. For example "Trains will be able to capture CO2 from the atmosphere" or these initiatives in Japan.

Click on the image below for an article with more examples by Agency epbr.

And here for our full series of posts about Carbon Capture, including those highlighted above.


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