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Carbon Markets: Launch of the “Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership”

On November 16, 2022, the Minister of the Environment from Japan, Nishimura Akihiro, declared the launch of the “Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership” towards the development of high integrity carbon markets.

The partnership, under Japanese leadership, will support capacity building in each country on implementation of Article 6. Initially 46 countries and 23 institutions have pledged to participate. Per continent, the number of participants is the following: 15 Asia, 12 Africa, 12 Europe, 5 Central & North America and 2 from South America (Brasil & Chile). Further expansion of this group is expected.

Areas of work and international collaboration include:

  • Facilitate understanding of Article 6 rules and linkages with NDCs

  • Share good practices for institutional arrangements incl. authorization and recording

  • Develop an information platform for Article 6 implementation 

  • Conduct mutual learning and trainings for Article 6 reporting and review

  • Support baseline methodology (tool development, etc.)

  • Designing of high integrity carbon markets

Click on the image below to access the partnership website, including download to the Concept Paper and references (pdf 13 pages), list of initial members and much more.

Countries, international organizations, research institutes, private sector and any other stakeholders who are willing to contribute to the areas of work are also welcome to become a Partner of the Article 6 Implementation Partnership. Look for the "Join Us" link at the website.


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