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CCS: Petronas advances carbon capture and storage ambitions

Forces being joined in Asia for carbon capture and storage (CCS). Petronas, holder of all Malaysian oil and natural gas reserves, signed recent MoUs with significant companies from Japan and South Korea for joint studies of regional CCS. Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd (Japex) was contrated earlier this year (click for the press release) and more recently invited two other Japanese groups to join: JGC and "K"​ line (Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd). Mitsui & Co. was also directly hired by Petronas last June (click here for the press release). And the six South Korean are Samsung Engineering, Samsung Heavy Industries, SK Earthon & SK Energy, SK Earthon (subsidiaries of SK Innovation), GS Energy Corporation and LOTTE chemical. With these companies, the tasks involve the evaluation of potential CO2 storage sites in the region - technologies, capacity, calculations, monitoring activies - and exploration of other areas across the CCS value chain, including strengthening cross-border CO2 transportation links. Click here for these two most recent press releases: from Petronas dd 2 August 2022 with the South Korean companies and from Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) dd 29 July 2022 with the Japanese companies. You can also read more how these heavy-weights are joining forces in CCS by clicking on the image below, article from Upstream.


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