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CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage: Newest Public Consultation by Verra

Last June 30 Verra launched a public consultation on a new methodology framework for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Gold Standard's similar public consultation ended early last June "Biomass. 1st Gold Standard methodology for CO2 removal (CDR) with geological storage".

And they indicated "Gold Standard are committed to supporting only those technologies and projects that meet our rigorous requirements. We do not support technologies or projects that involve the use or storage of captured CO2, which leads to the enhancement or prolongation of fossil fuel recovery or production."

Now Verra intends to cover the overarching methodology for CCS in this new consultation, as well as draft requirements for quantifying emission reductions and removals from projects that extract carbon from the atmosphere using direct air capture technologies, transport it, and store it in saline aquifers. And adds "Future work may include storage in depleted oil & gas reservoirs and geological mineralization. Using separate modules is proposed to reflect differences in monitoring requirements for each reservoir type. Nonetheless, there are similarities between storage in aquifers and depleted oil and gas reservoirs and combining to a single module may be better."

Click at the image below for more information and set of documents:

  • Public Consultation – CCS Methodology Framework

  • Methodology for Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Module for CO2 Capture from Air (Direct Air Capture)

  • Module for CO2 Transport

  • Module for CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers

  • Geologic Carbon Storage (GCS) Requirements

  • Geologic Carbon Storage Non-Permanence Risks Tool

The consultation runs to July 29, 2023 and Verra will host an informative webinar on July 19.

CCS is a hot topic.

As our readers may recall, Carbon Credit Markets recently participated on a panel “Carbon Capture Market in Brazilian Industry” in Rio de Janeiro.

You may also want to refer to these key CCS references:


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