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Biomass. 1st Gold Standard methodology for CO2 removal (CDR) with geological storage

This new carbon credit certification methodology is for projects that capture CO2 from the fermentation of renewable biomass, such as from the production of bioethanol and animal feed products, transport the CO2 via pipeline, and inject it into secure underground formations.

Such activities don’t currently generate revenue. Click here for our list of projects with potential for carbon credits (partially in Portuguese only).

According to Gold Standard, in one hand, it is important to explore alternative methods for funding these technologies such as the voluntary carbon market. But on the other, they remain not supportive initiatives that involve the use or storage of captured CO2 to the enhance fossil fuel recovery or prolongue its production.

The methodology was developed by Summit Carbon Solutions , now affiliated with Gold Standard.

Click at the image below for more and to participate.

The public consultation goes until Friday 9 June.


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