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Launched the 1st Annual CCS Report in Brazil

A few days ago, CCS Brasil launched the country's 1st Annual CCS Report. Isabela Morbach, one of the leading authorities on CCS in Brazil and co-editor of the publication, will open the CCS Tech Summit on Jun/20.

The basic content of the 1st Annual Report of CCS Brasil is as follows:

(1) contextualization of CCS technologies in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and CCS projects in the world

(2) potential for CCS projects, areas for geological storage, logistics and transportation issues

(3) regulatory, incentives and R&D aspects, as well as ongoing local projects

(4) analyzes and perspectives for the coming years

(5) 6 strategic points for CCS to advance in Brazil

CCS are state-of-the-art technologies, so their costs are (yet) not trivial. But as these are new competitive advantages, it is worth seeing how the European Union, United States, Malaysia and Canada are encouraging their CCS projects. There is a specific topic in part (1).

Another important application of CCS is the capture of CO2 in hydrogen production routes. Namelly:

  • from the steam of natural gas, which with CCS coupled, produces the the so-called blue, a low-carbon fuel

  • from biomethane and ethanol, which, as they are renewable sources, if associated with CCS, leads to negative emissions, removal of CO2 from the atmosphere

The report quotes 3 CCS projects in Brazil:

  • CCUS-EOR, Petrobras, in the Tupi, Mero and Búzios fields, all in the offshore Pre-Salt. 80 million tons of CO2 reinjected by 2025.

  • BECCS, FS Bioenergia, the largest corn ethanol producer in the country, a project located at the Lucas do Rio Verde (MT) unit. 420 MT CO2/year for 55 years.

  • capture of CO2 (using zeolites) from coal-fired thermoelectric power generation in Criciúma (SC). In pilot phase, 2 tons CO2/day.

And a list of R&D projects (#) in three entities:

  • Centre for Greenhouse Gas Innovation USP (6)

  • Instituto do Petróleo e dos Recursos Naturais da PUCRS (5)

  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2)

Click on the image below for the full report, including the 6 strategic points for advancing CCS in Brazil. Be sure to read it, available in Portuguese and English. It has many great schemes and drawings.





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