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Brazil, Important Developments in Legislation for CCS and Carbon Credits

It was approved yesterday at the Environment Committee (CMA) of the Senate the PL 2415/2022, which disciplines the economic exploitation of permanent storage of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in geological or temporary reservoirs, and its subsequent reuse. This is Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS).

This technology is being presented as part of the solution for sectors such as cement, petrochemical, steel, nitrogen fertiliser production, oil refining, or even in the production of decarbonised hydrogen. Inclusive by Verra.

According to the rapporteur, “There are also even nobler applications. With the implementation of CCS in the bioenergy sector, the result is a fuel … whose life cycle entails negative CO₂ emissions. This sector can positively surprise the country in front of international peers, and project Brazil as an important agent in promoting the decarbonisation of partner countries that have difficulty doing so in their territories.”

In this case, it is Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). Remember here.

Regarding the progress made yesterday at the CMA, see this article by Agência Senado.

The project, authored by the current president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, is now going straight to the Chamber of Deputies.

Here is also a tip: to follow CCS Brasil. Soon the 2nd. Brazilian CCS Congress.

As for PL 412/2022 on the Carbon Market, a collective review was granted for a better evaluation, since on Tuesday new amendments were received , as well as the considerations of the Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development (Conselhão).

Even so, the vote is envisaged to take place in a few weeks, with the expectation that by the end of September the PL will be approved in the Senate, advancing definitively before COP-28 in Dubai.

Regarding yesterday's progress at the CMA, click here for the summary of the deliberations, item 6.


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