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[ Breaking News, Brazil ] Brazilian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading System (SBCE)

The draft of the Brazilian Carbon Legal Framework will, apparently, be discussed next Monday, August 21 by representatives of the proposing ministries and members of the Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development (CDESS), the “Conselhão”, a structure similar to that existing in countries such as The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, France, South Korea and Panama.

Given the importance of the topic, a select group of climate authorities, national references and leaders in sectors affected by the draft were also invited to discuss the proposal.

The Brazilian Government seeks to speed up discussions on the Legal Carbon Framework, in view of its imminent submission to the National Congress.

The promise is to approve the Legal Carbon Framework before COP 28, in Dubai, starting on November 30th.

We will monitor and report on the progress of the proposal.

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