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Carbon pricing iniciatives around the World

Revising 2022 World Bank Carbon Pricing Dashboard, Jonathan Letourneau - from the Visual Capitalist's Creator Program - mapped 70 active carbon pricing initiatives around the world, highlighting their global impact. Just as a reference, around 2000 the number of carbon pricing initiatives was only 6.

In a global map, each initiative is visualy categorized in a small rectangle, including the following information:

  • Jurisdiction type: national or subnational

  • Type of initiative: carbon tax or ETS, emissions trading system (also called the cap-and-trade system)

Each rectangle has also a number in a small red dot, refering to an individual information card at the bottom of the map and with additional information:

  • Jurisdiction name, e.g. Uruguay or California

  • Name of initiative, e.g. Luxembourg Carbon Tax or China national ETS

  • Type of initiative: carbon tax or ETS

  • Date established

  • Price per ton of CO2e ($USD)

  • Percentage of global GHG emissions covered

  • GHG emissions covered (metric ton of CO2e)

The article also brings a table were you are able to directly selecte a country and find the carbon pricing type, CO2e price per tonne (USD) and emissons covered (tonnes).

And concludes with an advice, of special importance for countries that did not yet regulate their carbon pricing initiatives: "... while many economists and policy makers have found carbon pricing to be the most efficient tool to curb emissions, they also point out that the programs themselves need to be designed well. Initiatives with limits that are too high or prices that are too low can be ineffectual, as well as giving certain major polluters exemptions from programs."

Click at the image below to read the article, access and download the map.


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