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Hundreds of Canada wildfires rage and severely affect United States

Yesterday, scenes like the film “Mad Max”. In the whole Northeast of United States, including Washington, DC. Flights bound for New York’s LaGuardia Airport were grounded. Baseball games postponed. And air quality considered unhealthy.

All due to hundreds of forest fires in Canada. Wildfire smoke turns the air orange for the same reason clear air makes the sky look blue — it has to do with what kind of tiny particles are in the air, how many there are and what wavelength color they block.

So much that in November 2022 we posted "Forest offsets in the path of wildfires".

Back to 2023, a few days ago we antecipated these wildfires "Low water in the Panama Canal and Mexico. Wildfires in Canada". Then, there were more than 100 wildland fires and now CNN reports "414 fires are still active in Canada, 239 of which are deemed out of control".

Situation is critical and the government is even promoting the page "Get Prepared", including a video "Extreme weather can hit quickly. Are you ready?" to instruct its people how to respond quickly to hazards

For CNN's blog, click at the image below, from a LinkedIn post by Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group. Worth also for the comments. Here a with a video. By the way, António Guterres also posted a picture of his office window at the United Nations headquarters in New York. He concludes: "We cannot give up".





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