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Tracking Working Group of the Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership

Carbon Credit Markets participated in the "1st Tracking Working Group", the "Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership" led by the government in Japan.

After a series of later international presentations - e.g. Innovate4Climate (I4C) Bilbao, Spain - all discussed materials are being made available. Specifically:

  1. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement Tracking, by Sana Lingorsky, UNFCCC Secretariat

  2. Tracking of mitigation outcomes under Article 6, by Simon Fellermeyer, Federal Office for the Environment of Switzerland

  3. Ghana’s carbon registry, by Daniel Benefoh, Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana

  4. Registries for international transfers under Article 6.2, by Rueban Manokara, National Climate Change Secretariat, Singapore

  5. Registries for tracking, by Jacqueline Ruesga-Price, Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand

  6. Tracking under Article 6 in Japan, by Eri Matsumoto, Ministry of the Environment, Japan

  7. Digital Architecture Around Article 6.2, by Alexandra Soezer, UNDP

  8. Supporting Countries with Development of Infrastructure by International Carbon Markets, por Hari Gadde, World Bank

  9. Development of a tool for Article 6 Tracking, by Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Click on the image below to download each one. Content is very relevant.

And as you saw in the infographics posted last week "IETA: Visualising Article 6" some countries are at the forefront and already implementing their bilateral and multilateral agreements.

Recent OECD study "What drives public trust in government?" indicated that "around half of citizens think governments should be doing more to reduce climate change"

About the situation in Brazil, see May 25 article by Agência Senado "Experts point out challenges for the carbon credit market".

According to one of the leading sustainability specialists in Brazil: "Brazil needs to have a regulated market and thus account for the achievement of its goals committed in the NDC agreed in 2020 and later ratified in NY. Despite a great potential for a voluntary market, the concern about non-accounting, or even double accounting. In short, regulation implies establishing models, which will mean ordering the sectors. The impact on the market needs to be well worked out and stimulated, including financial resources."


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