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Tokenisation consultation feedback and next steps for Gold Standard

The email newsletter from Gold Standard published yesterday 7 March 2023 starts as follows: "With exciting progress taking place within digital working groups, new methodologies being published for consultation, webinars taking place and events being planned, the first quarter of 2023 is proving to be dynamic and progressive for Gold Standard."

Funny how it connects with how we ended our morning post from the same day : "2023 will be an important year from a regulatory and integrity (rules) point of view for Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM)."

Let's go over a couple of highlights from Gold Standard.

First. During 2023, Gold Standard is runnig a series of webinars related to Article 6 operationalisation. Next one will be 9 May 2023 "First Eighteen Months: Reflections and Experience from Initial Efforts to Implement Article 6". You can read more and register here.

Second, a topic related to future developments: "Tokenisation consultation feedback and next steps for Gold Standard".

In March 2023, Gold Standard will initiate a readiness phase of a new model for digital asset creation, integrated with the Gold Standard Registry. This new phase will include five web3 companies – Toucan, Flowcarbon, Thallo, Earthchain and Bitgreen - on the basis of their active participation in the previous phases. Recalling, after the public consultation in 2022, on how the creation of digital tokens representing Gold Standard credits using blockchain technology should be managed, last August, Gold Standard launched its Working Group on Digital Assets for Climate Impact. The purpose of that Working Group was to explore best practice principles to leverage the advantages of distributed ledger technologies as well as safeguards to avoid perverse incentives, double counting, or other risks.

The mais objective of this next phase is to assess the suitability and completeness of potential new guidelines for the creation of digital assets, as well as engagement on the development of enabling software. Consultations will also be held with other organisations seeking to create digital assets associated with Gold Standard-issued carbon credits.

Click at the image below to read more.


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