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Asia's carbon and emission trading systems

In a third post of a sequence (and last for now) covering different topics individually for several countries - hydrogen and ESG / sustainability taxes, incentives and grants - today's post its about Asian countries, their specific carbon and emission trading systems.

Here a few highlights per country:

  • China. Launched its ETS in 2021, with a dedicated exchange in Shanghai, covering the power sector - which accounts for around 40% of the country's total emissions

  • India. Plans a stabilisation fund to keep prices of credits in its planned carbon market above a certain threshold

  • Indonesia. Launched the first phase of mandatory carbon trading for coal power plants last February

  • Malaysia. Launched a voluntary carbon market (VCM) in December with the introduction of the Bursa Carbon Exchange, the world's first Shariah-compliant carbon exchange

  • Japan. Proposed a carbon levy on fossil fuel importers in 2028-29 fiscal year to encourage companies to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

  • South Korea. ETS started in 2015, covering around 70% of the economy.

  • Singapore. Carbon taxes and plans to develop hydrogen trading to guarantee of origin to certify the low-carbon origin of imported hydrogen

  • Hong Kong. Stock exchange carried out the first batch of carbon credit trades on its new voluntary carbon market in November

  • Philippines. Studying the feasibility of implementing carbon pricing mechanisms such as a carbon tax to generate revenue that can be tapped for environmental concerns

  • Vietnam. Key foundations of a carbon trading platform that is to be set up for a pilot operation in 2025.

Asia has a clear protagonism in the current global expansion of carbon credit markets. Let's not forget that Japan is leading the Article 6 Implementation Partnership.


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