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1st Plenary Meeting of the Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership

Last Monday, February 20, Carbon Credit Markets joined the 1st Plenary Meeting of the “Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership” (A6IP), organized by the Secretariat of the Ministry of the Environment from Japan (MOEJ).

As we reported on December 2022 this partnership was created towards the development of high integrity carbon markets and under Japanese leadership, will support capacity building in each country on implementation of Article 6. It was one of the results of the official side event of COP27 “Sharing best practices and lessons learned from capacity building for implementation of Article 6” and co-organized by MOEJ (Lead), Climate Focus, Global Environment Centre Foundation, Global Public Policy Institute, and

the Gold Standard Foundation,

The following topics were discussed in this 1st Plenary Meeting:

  • Status of Article 6 capacity building

  • Objective of the A6IP

  • Overall schedule

  • Thematic Working Groups

  • Presentations on Article 6 capacity building activities and plans

  • Overall discussions

And presentations were given para representatives of the following organizations: MOEJ (9+11 slides), UNFCCC Secretariat (15 slides), World Bank (11 slides) and International Emission Trading Association (11 slides).

Worth mentioning the partnership that the World Bank made with Climate Warehouse and their "Networked Carbon Markets" .

If you click at the image below you will be able to see and download these presentations.


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