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Proposed Bill in Brazil: "Storage of carbon dioxide in geological reservoirs" (CCS)

"Exploitation of the activity of public interest of permanent storage of carbon dioxide, in geological or temporary reservoirs, and its subsequent reuse". Or "Carbon Storage". Or CCUS, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage. Or CCS, Carbon Capture & Storage. Today we conclude the series talking about PL 1425/2022, after commenting on the bills in Brazil on "Offshore Energy", "National ASG Seal" and the "Green Investment Seal".

We have a lot on the blog about CCS. Highlight for the article "Transforming CO2 into treasure: Sinopec China's first capture and storage operation". Also remembering that less than 1 month ago we had the 1st. Brazilian Congress on the topic.

The subject engages and is heavily loaded with technical, scientific, academic issues, mirroring modern times. Perhaps a new Industrial Revolution, as even the Japanese Government indicated. An accelerated technological disruption in industry, while in services it is already business as usual.

The interesting thing about the bill is that we currently have the extraction of subsoil substances, such as water, oil, gas, ores, but not the opposite way: in this case, inject CO2 back into the subsoil, in compatible and technically evaluated reservoirs, by mining engineers and geologists, where it must remain permanently and monitored. Hence the demand for a specific legal framework. And the determination of grants for storage activities. It is even proposed that the ANP also assume the role of regulatory body for the geological storage of carbon dioxide.

Regarding the CCS, the understanding is that Brazil is behind schedule, with 25 projects in operation or development around the world, especially in Europe and the United States. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), between 2020 and 2021 more than US$ 25 billion was invested in CCS projects worldwide. Read more, article byEBPR.

PL 1425/2022 has been with the Senate rapporteurship since August 12th.

Click on the image below to access it.


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