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New nuclear power plants. Floating.

Russia's first floating nuclear power plant is called Akademik Lomonosov. It is a barge with two reactors - derived from icebreaker propulsion reactors - which together provide a thermal reactor power of 300 MW that is transformed into two turbogenerator groups into 70 MW of electricity (gross). Its construction began in 2007, and after connecting to the grid in 2019, it entered into commercial operation in 2020, in the Chukotka region, Russian Far East. Located about 2,000 kilometers from Alaska, the average local temperature is -9.5°C! According to Rosatom - a Russian state corporation specializing in nuclear energy, non-energy nuclear products and high-tech products - the reactors are designed to automatically shut down without external power and human intervention in an emergency. Click here to read more about it on the company website.

Then. In August 2022, the Chinese shipyard Wison Heavy Industries in Nantong, a specialist in large offshore platforms, began construction of the hull of a new floating nuclear power plant for Russia, in a four-vessel package. This is infrastructure for the Cape Nagloynyn project, in the Russian Arctic, which will provide 105 MWe for a new port and for the next Baimskaya copper and gold mine, in Siberia, expected to come on stream by 2027. In July 2021 , Rosatom and GDK Baimskaya, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan's Kaz Minerals Group have signed a power supply contract for the Baimskaya mining project, which includes the planned use of these floating nuclear power plants. In total, the Baimskaya development requires around 300 MWe, so three of these floating plants are required, while a fourth will be installed as a backup for outages during refueling and maintenance.

Click on the image below (Akademik Lomonosov plant and simulation of the new ones, by Rosatom) for an article by Shared Engineering that talks more about the 4 new floating nuclear power plants.


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