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More eyes on the Amazon region. From all sides. Including from space.

While the Amazonian Dialogues promoted by the Brazilian Government are taking place in Belém, and at the same time of the cancellation by BNDESPAR of the two 2022 public calls for tenders - R$ 10 million e R$ 100 million - for the acquisition of carbon credits in the voluntary market, more news about remote monitoring of the Amazon by other organizations.

BeZero Carbon, a carbon classification agency created in 2020, has partnered with the French company Kayrros. Per the press release, Kayrros satellite data from the Amazon basin will feed into BeZero Carbon project risk assessments, providing additional high-resolution, real-time data on tree cover and height, as well as aboveground biomass, to better understand the effectiveness of the carbon project. Click the image below for the BeZero press release.

Regarding satellites, worth remembering that a few days ago NASA proposed aerospace cooperation between Brazil and the United States to monitor the Amazon, according to the partner portal Geocracia. The president of the United States himself commented on the matter "We're the ones who polluted the world. We clear cut everything. We made a lot of money. Lula from Brazil wants to meet with me shortly because, you know, there's more carbon absorbed from the air in the Amazon than all the carbon emitted in the — from the United States of America on a yearly basis. But guess what? what? They — they're having trouble. They want their farmers to be able to go out and clear the land and make money and so on. So, there's a lot that's out there that we have a chance to do."

Focusing on the region is important not only for the NBS carbon credits, but also for the huge projects on green hydrogen, oil and gas.


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