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King Charles, Joe Biden, "OPEC of rainforests", the World Bank and Brazil's Green Potential

From the Daily Mail, before King Charles coronation: 'The first thing the king said to me was that I should take care of the Amazon,' Lula told a press conference in London. 'I replied: 'I need help',' said the Brazilian leader, whose country is home to 60 percent of the world's largest tropical rainforest, a vital carbon sink.

Remember when Joe Biden said "Brazilians should be paid not to cut down trees" ?

And last week, the World Bank's report "Brazil Country Climate and Development Report", Brazil:

  • has an opportunity to build a prosperous future ... Building on its green energy mix and natural resource wealth ...

  • ... almost half of Brazil’s energy supply, including over 80 percent of its electricity, comes from renewable sources, compared with world averages of about 15 and 27 percent

  • is already competitive in several products required for decarbonization, including products related to the wind turbine value chain and parts for electric motors and generators, and has further opportunities to diversify into solar value chains. Brazil also has exceptional prospects to produce, consume, and/or export green hydrogen ... At the same time ... benefit from its considerable deposits of climate‐relevant minerals. (= critical minerals)

  • has a longstanding biofuel (ethanol and biodiesel) industry with policy support including CBIOS, including mandatory blending of 27 percent ethanol in gasoline and 11 percent biodiesel in diesel. (longstading = since 1975, Proálcool)

  • has the potential to benefit from recent developments in carbon markets and expansion of innovative financing instruments

Perhaps it would be appropriate to add the enhanced ecological awareness of Brazilians, in addition to something relevant about local farmers: "Brazil: the strictest forest legislation", comparative study with Argentina, Canada, China, France, Germany and United States.

Click at the image below for this World Bank new report (in English).

All in all, we quote the Brazilian economist Gesner Oliveira, during the event "IBGC 8th Seminar on Finance and Corporate Governance" in Curitiba: "Brasil is in pole position in the energy transition race ... new competitive advantages in the 21st century"


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