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Joe Biden: Brazilians should be paid not to cut down trees

"Remarks By President Biden on Earth Day and at Signing of an Executive Order Strengthening the Nation’s Forests, Communities, and Local Economies", selected part of speech dated April 22, 2022: "By the way, more the — I spent time down in the Amazon and in Colombia and in Brazil, and guess what?  More carbon is taken out of the air in the Amazon — that carbon sink — than every bit of carbon that is generated on a daily basis in the entire United States from every source … We should be paying the Brazilians not to cut down their forest.  We got to cut ours down.  We got to cut ours down.  We got the benefit of it.  Because we’ve got these third-world countries — not third world; some are in Africa and in and in South America, we got to, the industrial countries have to help". Click on the image to access the original and here for a video by Poder360.


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