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Brazil: the strictest forest legislation, according to a comparative study with 6 other countries

"Forest and land use legislation: an international comparison between Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany and the United States". This is the title of a study from October/2017 that we found, after recent searches on legal environmental reserves in different countries (if anyone has other tips, please post ;-). The study, authored by researchers Joana Chiavari and Cristina Leme Lopes, compared forest protection legislation and land use control on rural properties, assessing how the rules are applied in these prominent agribusiness countries. Among the findings, for example, is the situation of APPs - Permanent Preservation Areas. In Brazil, this area varies from 5 to 500m. In the province of Quebec, Canada, one of the most restrictive, from 10 to 15m. In the United States, the average is 15m to 25m, and this is voluntary. In France and Germany, legislation requires 5m. Regarding vegetation, Brazil is stricter in terms of native vegetation, in Germany it would be "as far as possible" and in other countries, grasses and shrubs can be used. The study was carried out in partnership between the Climate Policy Initiative / PUC-Rio Climate Policy Assessment Center (CPI/NAPC), Apex-Brasil, Sociedade Rural Brasileira (SRB ) and the Land Use Initiative (INPUT - Initiative for the Use of Land). Click here for the press release and in the figure below for the study itself, with many other interesting comparative information.


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