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JJapan: pioneering the energy potential of hydrogen

Yesterday's post was about japanese vanguard in the Carbon Capture technologies. Japan also led the world in developing and validating long-distance hydrogen transportation technologies.

Already in 2017, Japan had around 131 hydrogen stations, more than any other country. And last April, it was announced that Japan is planning to increase hydrogen supply from the current level of around 12 million tons by sixfold by 2040.

But several challenges still have to be overcome. Full-fledged penetrations of hydrogen as fuel will necessitate cutting costs by innovating hydrogen production, transportation, and storage technologies, including highly-efficient water electrolysis and hydrogen liquefiers.

One of Japan's main company, Toyota, is spearheading market expansion for fuel cell vehicles by developing and commercializing the Mirai passenger car, that generates power by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the outside air. As such, Toyota regularly publishes Technical Reviews about these developments. Here are some highlights from the most recent one, from June 13 2023:

  • Toyota positions hydrogen as an important fuel

  • Its working with various industry partners in the areas of producing, transporting, and using hydrogen

  • Its unifying standards of hydrogen tanks for large commercial vehicles with European, U.S., aiming to reduce manufacturing costs by 25%

  • Its developing liquid hydrogen tanks for large commercial vehicles.

  • Developed a new water electrolyzer that produces hydrogen by electrolyzing water

  • Started an initiative to produce hydrogen from biogas in Thailand by the end of 2023

Click at the image below to read Japan’s plans for hydrogen, part of its "Roadmap to 'Beyond-Zero' Carbon", by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

To conclude, let's recall that Japan is not the only one highlighting hydrogen as a key fuel:


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