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Japan to invest USD 113bn to raise hydrogen supply sixfold by 2040

Japan formulated its first national hydrogen strategy in 2017, the Basic Hydrogen Strategy. It has since maintained its pioneer status in the field despite concerns around the scope of applications for this emerging technology.

Recently in a meeting last April 4, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida indicated that Japan is planning to increase hydrogen supply from the current level of around 12 million tons by sixfold by 2040.

The Government aims to generate 15 trillion yen ($113 billion) in investment from both the public and private sectors to achieve the goal, through the issuance of GX Bonds. GX bonds are a new type of sovereign bond that aim to promote the development of hydrogen and renewable investments.

Kishida also pledged to revise the Basic Hydrogen Strategy by the end of May. And accelerate building international supply chains to provide more hydrogen in collaboration with Australia, as well as Middle Eastern and other Asian countries. He also said that the country aims to implement new technologies into Japan's power supply, such as next-generation "perovskite solar cells" that can directly convert sunlight energy into electricity.

Click here to read more on article from the Kyodo News.

And at the image below for Japan's Basic Hydrogen Strategy. Among others, the Japanese government promises to encourage the widespread use of vehicles and buses that use hydrogen fuel cells. As you recall, besides EU that is very active towards a hydrogen economy , United States also issued its "Blueprint to Decarbonize North America’s Transportation Sector", with similar protagonism to hydrogen. #japan


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