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Hydrogen Europe and signatories: about the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation

Hydrogen Europe and 120 other organisations have signed last March 23 an open letter calling on the European institutions to reach an agreement for the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) on their next meeting on 27th of March.

Accoriding to the letter, the industry is already scaling up the production of battery electric and hydrogen-powered passenger and heavy goods vehicles and is relying on negotiators to finalize the discussions and targets for the deployment of infrastructures.

Infrastructure is of crucial importance to decarbonize the European road transport by 2030 and 2050. And and sourcing of critical raw materials.

In October 2022, the European Parliament voted on several targets set by the transport committee:

  • recharging stations every 60 km for electric and every 100 km for hydrogen gas

  • one hydrogen refuelling station for liquid hydrogen every 400 km

  • at least one hydrogen refuelling station in each urban node, by 31 December 2027.

The letter, accessible by clicking at the image below, brings a series of great linked references about alternative fuels:

  1. FVV, The Transformation of Mobility to the GHG-neutral Post-fossil Age – Final Report, October 2021

  2. Clean Hydrogen Partnership, The Road to Net Zero, August 2022

  3. Forschungszentrum Jülich, Comparative Analysis of Infrastructures: Hydrogen Fueling and Electric Charging of Vehicles, July 2018

  4. Hydrogen Council, Roadmap Towards Zero Emission – The Complementary Role of BEVs and FCEVs, September 2021

  5. Hydrogen Europe, ACEA, Joint letter on AFIR, December 2022

  6. Council of the EU, General Approach on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, June 2022 7 European Commission, Alternative Fuels Observatory, February 2023

  7. BMW, Launch of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen Pilot Fleet, February 2023

Tomorrow, we plan to post about a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) being tested in and to be presented at the evento #SmartCity Expo in Curitiba, Brazil, happening March 22-24 2023.

And on Friday, we will post about the futuristic and innovative all-electric race cars that we will see at the first ever #fiaformulae FIA Formula-E race happening in Brazil, São Paulo, the #SaoPauloEPrix, on Saturday, March 25.

Carbon Credit Markets will be represented in both these events. Stay tuned. #transports


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