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Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market will deliver its Core Carbon Principles in March

Several initiatives focused on integrity across the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM). And as we posted last October 2022 - "Integrity in the voluntary carbon markets (VCMs)" - distinct draft guidances were released for public consultations.

Recenly, the Integrity Council for the VCM (ICVCM) published an update of its process. We quote:

"The Core Carbon Principles (CCPs) and Assessment Framework (AF) will set new threshold standards for high-quality carbon credits, provide guidance on how to apply the CCPs, and define which carbon-crediting programs and methodology types are CCP-eligible.

The standards are being developed by the Integrity Council’s Expert Panel which is made up of twelve leading carbon market experts with long-standing experience in the environmental and social integrity of carbon markets, supported by eleven subject matter experts in topics ranging from carbon sequestration science to the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs).

The Core Carbon Principles and Assessment Framework will be issued in Q1 2023, following the public consultation that launched in July 2022."

Click on the image below to access the ICVCM portal and press release. And here to see who the above mentioned parties are.

According to an article from the WSJ Sustainable Business , these will help build some trust in the market by testing the verification processes used by carbon-credit registries such as Verra and Gold Standard.


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