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Integrity in the voluntary carbon markets (VCMs)

Several initiatives focused on market integrity exist across the VCM, some with confusingly similar names and acronyms. We refer to two of them, for having recently released distinct draft guidances for public consultations:

  • The Integrity Council for the VCM (IC-VCM)


  • VCM Integrity Initiative (VCMI)

While the IC-VCM is focussed on credit quality and integrity, the VCMI looks at how these carbon credits can be used voluntarily and claimed as part of credible and net zero decarbonization strategies.

Last June 2022 we posted about the public consultation by VCMI. Click here to recall it.

And now it was IC-VCM that last Thursday reported developments on its public consultation, after releasing their first drafts of its “Core Carbon Principles” (CCPs) and “Assessment Framework”, among others.

IC-VCM’s public consultation has attracted well over 5,000 comments from more than 350 submissions. According to their board members, this demonstrates a significant level of engagement, representativeness, quality and commitment. The Board, Expert Panel and Executive Secretariat have already begun reviewing and analysing each and every comment and recommendation received and will publish further updates on a regular basis.

Click on the image below to read more, and download several good references from IC-VCM:

  1. Core Carbon Principles (CCPs)

  2. Summary for Decision Makers

  3. Assessment Framework

  4. Terms & Definitions

  5. Assessment Procedure

In four languages: English, Português, Español and Français.


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