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Hydrogen: new agenda Brazil, pillar of decarbonization in the EU and patents

Last week Brazil presented the three-year plan of the National Hydrogen Program (PNH2).

With US$30 billion in projects already announced, “Brazil has the technical potential to produce 1.8 gigatons of hydrogen per year”, highlighted the minister.

PNH2 was the subject of public consultation and much discussed, including at the “20 - 21 June: Hydrogen Exposition South America & CCS Tech Summit”. Among the priorities of the PNH2 are the legal-regulatory framework, investments in R&D, innovation and financing.

Click on the image below for the presentation of 27 slides of the PNH2.

In the European Union, the study “The Impact of Industry Transition on a CO2-Neutral European Energy System” of June 2023 takes a broad view of their energetic transition.

Hydrogen and electricity from renewable sources will account for 80% of all energy by 2050. The study also highlights the need for a hydrogen backbone and pipeline networks. Remember the “Bar-Mar Project”?

According to specialists, the report is also an "alert" for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, which could become dependent on hydrogen from France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

On patents, it is worth reviewing our August 13 post “World Intellectual Property Organization: Green Technology Book” which cites the “Patent Landscape Report. Hydrogen fuel cells in transportation” of 102 pages. Its introduction states:

  • strong increase in patent applications since 2016, fuel cells and their application in transport

  • although patent applications come from inventors in 85 jurisdictions, in terms of countries of registration, China, Japan, United States, Republic of Korea and Germany concentrate 89% of all the rights

In addition to the potential for new fuels - ammonia, methanol and synthetics - and low carbon fertilizers - ammonia as a carrier - hydrogen represents a relevant technological solution for the decarbonization of industry and hard-to-abate sectors.


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