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20 - 21 June: Hydrogen Exposition South America & CCS Tech Summit

Two important events that take place simultaneously next week, on the 21st and 22nd at the Expo MAG Convention Center, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

About technologies and solutions for hydrogen production chains and decarbonization. Innovative and complementary themes.

Below are some reasons to participate, according to the event portal:

  • +50 national and international exhibitors

  • Disruptive and unprecedented programming, curated by the Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Brasil-Alemanha Rio de Janeiro

  • CCS Tech Summit, by CCS Brasil

  • Seminars with associations and partners, ABSOLAR, ABEEólica, ABiogás, ABRACELL and others

  • AHK Rio Pavilion with German companies

  • ABIMAQ area for equipment and components

  • Workshops on new technologies and applications

  • "Innovation lounge" with startups

The organization of the event involves strategic partnerships with the Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Brasil-Alemanha, CCS Brasil and several other relevant entities.

According to Nathália Weber, co-founder of CCS Brasil, "there is a huge market for Hydrogen in Brazil and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies are great allies to make this potential viable." Click here to read more about it, on the Carbon Capture Expo South America side event portal.

About the Hydrogen Expo Conference, equally spectacular content:

- Module 1: Export. hydrogen hubs

- Module 2: Mobility. Long-distance freight transport

- Module 3: Industry. Energy transition in steel, oil and gas

- Module 4: Agribusiness. Green hydrogen opportunities

- Panel Government and Associations

With Marcos Troyjo and representatives of companies such as Petrobrás, Vale, AcelorMittal, Toyota, Veirano, ports of Pecém and Açú, among other exponents.

According to Ansgar Pinkowski of AHK Rio, "Events such as Hydrogen Expo South America, which brings together all stakeholders from the entire hydrogen value chain, are extremely necessary to help Brazil in its energy transition process and position the country internationally as a strategic partner for green hydrogen"

Click on the image below for the joint event portal.

Access will be free to visit the fair and some seminars and workshops.

Carbon Credit Markets will participate on the 20th June of the panel "Carbon capture market in the Brazilian industry", as part of the CCS Tech Summit.


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