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Hydrogen Markets: Hydrogen patents for a clean energy future

Today we launched a new internet domain: *

To celebrate, we'll talk about the report " Hydrogen patents for a clean energy future. A global trend analysis of innovation along hydrogen value chains". By the European Patent Office (EPO) and International Energy Agency (IEA).

Patents allow companies and universities to turn hydrogen research into market-ready inventions. And reap the rewards of their creativity and hard work. Patents are not just for large multinational companies, but also for helping small companies to raise funds, partnerships and growth.

The report shows that innovation and competition towards leadership in hydrogen is intensifying. New electrolysers are expected to reach 380 gigawatts by 2030, according to the IEA, illustrating the economic opportunity for countries that can translate research excellence into industrial competitiveness.

Key findings:

  1. Global hydrogen patenting is led by Europe and Japan, followed by the US. Korea and China rising.

  2. New heavyweights in hydrogen patents are companies in the automotive and chemical sectors with a focus on electrolysis and fuel cell technologies

  3. While hydrogen production remains almost entirely fossil fuel-based, patenting has already seen a major shift towards alternative low-emission methods: an electrolyser boom, a field in which Europe has gained an edge in new manufacturing capabilities

  4. Patents aim at improving existing technologies for hydrogen storage and ammonia and methanol production

  5. Patents for hydrogen use in the automotive sector expanding at much higher rates than for other applications, followed by research into the use of hydrogen for steel production

  6. Young companies, more than 80% of advanced investments in hydrogen startups have gone to companies that have already filed a patent application

  7. Uneven trends in hydrogen-related patents across technologies and regions indicate opportunities for policy action

By clicking on the image below, access the full report, 70 pages. And if you want to know "Why hydrogen?" go directly to page 19.

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