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Dutch students invented a zero-emissions car that captures carbon. And more.

ZEM - Zero Emission Mobility - is a concept car that cleans the air while driving. And can provide power to your house. And is made of recycled plastics.

The goal of a team of studentes from the Eindhoven University of Technology was to reduce the CO2 emissions during all vehicle life phases: production, driving and after-life.

Made mostly from 3D-printed recycled plastics, with almost no waste material produced, the sporty all-electric car is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

Although EVs emit virtually no CO2 compared with their combustion-engine counterparts, battery cell production is highly polluting. As a result,it can take EVs tens of thousands of kilometres to achieve 'carbon parity' with comparable fossil-fuelled models. This car can remove 2 kg of carbon from the atmosphere over 30.000 km of driving, using the direct air capture technology (DAC), one of the most innovative technologies implemented in ZEM.

Another upcoming technology is its bi-directional charging, as ZEM has solar panels implemented on its roof. As such, ZEM could work as a sort of external battery to your house, providing it with green energy when needed (What a great idea ! If IOT is the "internet of things" this would sound like "EOT": "energy of things" ;-)

Click on the image below to read more about ZEM and here for a few other innovative cars projected by the students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. To conclude, a short video from ZEM by Euronews is available here.


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