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Credits, Claims and Credibility: Launch of the VCMI Claims Code coming June 28

Integrity has been a hot topic in the carbon credit markets in the last months. Do you remember why ? Recall here "The Guardian article on the integrity of REDD+ carbon credits".

On the other hand, there are several ongoing initiatives to enhace market credibility:

Next 28th June, the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity initiative (VCMI) will hold a global launch event for its Claims Code of Practice. The event will feature experts in the field, climate leaders, and representatives from government and civil society. The event will provide a high-level introduction to the Claims Code of Practice, to help organizations navigating the complex landscape of carbon markets, in particular for how they can use and make claims involving carbon credits as part of their net-zero commitments.

The launch event will explore:

  • How the Claims Code will help to underpin integrity in voluntary carbon markets (VCMs)

  • How the Claims Code works with, and expands on, other leading initiatives and guidance in the market, including the ICVCM Core Carbon Principles and Science Based Target initiative’s (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard

  • How the Claims Code will ensure the credibility of VCMI claims to be made by companies from November

  • Steps that users of the Claims Code will need to take to credibly make voluntary use of carbon credits as part of their net zero commitments, and utilize the Code as evidence of this

The "VCMI Stakeholder Forum" will be also launched during the event: 50 participants spanning diverse backgrounds, experiences, and geographies will act as a market sounding board for VCMI on several aspects.

Click at the image below to register via Zoom for the event. It will be live with interpretation in Portuguese, Spanish and French and the recording will be made available after the event on the ⁠VCMI website.

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