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Credibility and Transparency: Verra joins the Advisory Council of Brazilian Initiative

Verra will join the Advisory Council for the Brazilian Initiative for the Voluntary Carbon Market (BIVCM), as annouced last June 2.

BIVCM is the result of a combination of companies and institutions from several sectors in Brazil with the goal of structuring key actions to develop the voluntary carbon market in Brazil and contribute to the global high-integrity carbon market. McKinsey & Company is the knowledge partner for the initiative.

Here some quotes from Verra's press release.

Robin Rix, Chief Legal, Policy and Markets Officer at Verra

“The Brazilian Initiative for the Voluntary Market is fundamental to ensuring the integrity and safe growth of the market. A strong market in countries such as Brazil will not only increase the transparency of the market, but also increase the flow of financing for forest and biodiversity conservation actions ... Verra welcomes external initiatives that seek to engage our work as a standards-setting organization, which will strengthen our efforts to advance climate mitigation and sustainable development.”

Henrique Ceotto, Partner at McKinsey and leader of the Sustainability Practice in Brazil.

“The direct involvement of Verra with the BIVCM is fundamental to the process of scaling the nature-based offset market while continuing to strengthen integrity ... Brazil is uniquely positioned to contribute to the world’s path to net zero through both carbon sequestration (via restoration) and conservation, while increasing water security, promoting biodiversity conservation and creating social economic development.”

Click que the image below for Verra's press release.

And here to navigate at BIVCM website, including Q&As such as:

  1. What is the scope of action of this initiative?

  2. What is the initiative's mission?

  3. Why is this initiative different from other existing initiatives?

  4. Is there a similar initiative in other country(ies)?

  5. Is there federal government support for the initiative?

  6. What will be the gain of this initiative for Brazil and for companies?

  7. The participating companies are mostly multinationals. Will they take this initiative to other countries where they are present?

  8. Are the biggest challenges technological, financial, procedural, political or otherwise?

  9. How long does the initiative expect to have concrete results?

Some answers are very interesting. #integrity


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