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Canada: Betting on critical minerals. Significantly.

It’s time to learn more about “critical minerals”, an expression that you are going to hear more and more in the coming years. These are minerals of strategic value to any economy to remain health and secure. They power everything, from transportation and energy to digital infrastructure and the so-called “green economy". Or flourishing a little bit, they are the "building blocks for the future of the digital and green economy".

More specifically and pragmatically:

  • Renewable energy production and storage

  • Electric vehicle batteries and motors

  • Defence and security technologies

  • Consumer electronics

  • Critical infrastructures

Canada is full of these critical minerals. "Canada’s Critical Minerals List identifies 31 minerals and metals considered essential for the sustainable economic success of Canada and its trading partners. The Canadian industry already produces 21 of the 31 critical minerals on the list, with potential for further resource development." They include lithium, cobalt, copper, uranium, graphite, potash, and fluorspar.

Click at the image below to access the Canadian Government’s critical mineral strategy.

Canada also established a Critical Minerals Centre of Excellence to develop and coordinate the country's policies and programs on critical minerals, in collaboration with industry, provincial, territorial, Indigenous, non-governmental and international partners .


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Madame Marie Curie (1867 - 1934) Chemist & physicist. French, born Polish.

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