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With an eye on the billionaire Brazilian carbon credits market

As soon as it completed eight months of foundation, the first M&A of Future Carbon, a company that calls itself "The first full-service holding of carbon in Brazil" (click here for an article from a few weeks ago from BrazilJournal). Future Carbon acquired Jataí Capital e Conservação, a company that developed a methodology that expands the carbon market to small and medium producers. According to the CEO of Jataí, depending on a series of factors such as the exchange rate and the price of carbon in the international market, the new methodology allows the generation of carbon credits by rural producers of different sizes, who already have preserved areas on account of Brazilian environmental legislation. (Does anyone know any other continental-sized country that have something similar?). According to him, "we took methodologies that already existed and added the method that the Brazilian government uses to calculate carbon removal in protected areas, to apply to those who preserve smaller and private areas". Great ! As we recently published in this blog, the Brazilian M&A market for companies working with carbon credits is booming. Worth to add tha Reservas Votorantim will start selling carbon credits from its forests, and the startup Moss, which buys and resells credits, is innovating and acting directly for more and more clients such as Gol, Cia Hering and iFood, among others. In other words, Future Carbon is not the only one looking for opportunities in this market. Click below - map of green areas by Jatai - to read the full article at NeoFeed.


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