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What is the environmental impact of each building material?

With the idea of ​​highlighting the environmental impact of the most common building materials, considering the phases of raw material extraction, transport and manufacturing, the Center for Industrialized Architecture (CINARK) of the Royal Danish Academy has developed a very interesting interactive tool: the Pyramid of Building Materials. Through a clear and intuitive language, the digital tool makes it possible to compare, for example, the impacts of raw materials so that the designer can be aware of each decision to specify materials or products in a project. The tool even allows you to select different impacts:

  1. Global Warming Potential - GWP

  2. Ozone depletion potential - ODP

  3. Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential - POCP

  4. Acidification Potential - AP e

  5. Eutrophication Potential - EP

Interesting, isn't it? Click on the image for an article in Portuguese by "Engenharia Compartilhada", including exemplifying each of these 5 categories and click here to browse and compare your projects directly in the CINARK tool


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