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United Nations. International carbon crediting mechanism. Article 6.4 Supervisory Body concludes meeting.

Today is Monday, 20 May 2024.

Article 6.4 (A6.4) of the Paris Agreement established a new international carbon crediting mechanism.

A Supervisory Body (SB) is in charge of developing and supervising the requirements and processes needed to operationalize the mechanism that so-called Paris Agreement Crediting Mechanism. Click here to know who from your country is a representative in that SB.

The most recent meeting of that body happened in Bonn, Germany, from 29 April to 2 May 2024.

In a crucial step towards developing a new international carbon market that sets the benchmark for high integrity carbon credits, the SB took a historic step reinforcing the protection of environmental and social human rights, with the introduction of the Appeals and Grievances Procedure.

Click below to download the 18 pages Appeals and Grievances Procedure and at the image below for the respective press release.

Appeal and grievance processes under the Article 6.4 mechanism. Version 1.0 May 2024
Download PDF • 250KB

The Appeals and Grievances Procedure has immediately come into effect, marking a significant milestone in the operationalization of the Paris Agreement Crediting Mechanism.

Click here to see and download all agenda items of that 11th meeting. At the Meeting report, among others, there are references to:

  • Incorporating a know-your-Customer (KYC) process to the A6.4 mechanism regulations

  • A6.4 mechanism registry

  • A6.4 Sustainable Development Tool (SD Tool)

  • Capacity-building for the A6.4 mechanism

  • Mr. Simon Stiell, the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, reaffirmed the UNFCCC secretariat’s support for the work of the SB and the implementation of the A6.4 mechanism.

Last but not least, launched a short duration call for public input on revision of the following CDM methodologies and a methodological tool for their application under A6.4 mechanism:

a) ACM0002: Grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources

b) Tool to calculate the emission factor for an electricity system

c) ACM0001: Flaring or use of landfill gas

Call is still open and inputs received according to the deadlines will be considered at the next meeting in June 2024. If interested, here is the link.

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