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The Hydrogen Europe Quarterly Q1/2024.

Today is Wednesday, March 20 2024.

The online edition of the Q1 2024 issue of the Hydrogen Europe Quarterly magazine is published.

Reflecting and election year at the European Union and several other countries, impacting over 2 billion people all over the World, the title of this edition is "A Changing Political Landscape".

As a reference, the title of the Q4 2023 edition was "COP28: Delivering on our 2030 Ambitions". A must read edition.

Topics of the Q1 2024 edition include:

  • Editorial, Elections 2024: Europe must stay true to its climate goals and political programs should reflect this

  • Financing, not floundering: how can we make 2024 the year of hydrogen Final Investment Decisions?

  • Hydrogen Europe Manifesto, for the 2024 European elections, outlining 16 key actions and policy recommendations

  • Spotlight 1 Chiyoda Corporation: "All technologies should be on the table with support mechanisms incorporated fast to support hydrogen implementation also for transport and storage. Our technology is ready"

  • Spotlight 2 Occitanie region: "We took the initiative early and have become, I think, the foremost region for industrials interested in hydrogen"

  • Spotlight 3 WaterstofNet & Belgium Hydrogen Council: "We can be a hydrogen hub in Europe with our central location"

  • Kite Hydrogen Ships - Groundbreaking new Green H2 Production Technology. Read the article and check Oceanergy AG There is a 4 minutes Vimeo video explaining how it works. Project at crowdfunding phase.

  • Trade & Funding updates: European Union and United States and "The Battle for Dominance in (Hydrogen) Standards"

  • Innovations in hydrogen from biomass through gasification used for obtaining value-added products: From protein for feed & food to bioplastics

  • Policy & Market updates: "Greenhouse gas accounting rules must be done right to secure a global hydrogen market", ETS carbon prices and hydrogen, offshore infrastructure.

  • Clean Hydrogen Partnership updates. Several projects. Give a look.

  • European Hydrogen Week,  18 - 22 November 2024, Brussels, Belgium. Read the article and also check

And an interview with Wopke Hoekstra, European Commissioner for Climate Action and former Dutch cabinet minister. Starts on page 12 and its very thorough not only in terms of hydrogen perspectives at the European Union, but also geopolitics.

We also quote Philip Christiani, Partner at Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, who said in his interview “I don’t think the financial sector is getting to grips with hydrogen: there are probably still more unanswered questions than answers. It will still take time for the industry to mature, maybe 10 years before we have a consistent business model. But that’s not any different from the development of offshore wind or other renewable technologies.”

And from the Manifesto (picture below) "Hydrogen can bring strong industrial development globally ... We are not alone on this path. The United States, China, the Arabian Peninsula, India, Brazil, Australia, Namibia and many more countries all strive to be champions of decarbonisation."

Click at the image below for the 88 pages online edition of the Hydrogen Europe Quarterly magazine.

“Should you wish to be part of the next one, please reach out to! There are plenty of advertisement and editorial opportunities to go around”.

Last but not least, if you click here you have our series of posts about hydrogen. Or on the partner portal

After all, it is mostly all about different combinations of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, right ?


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