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COP28 & "The Hydrogen Europe Quarterly Magazine - Q4 2023".

Today is Monday, December 18, 2023.

Another edition of the online magazine Hydrogen Europe Quarterly is out.


The Q4 2023 special edition is titled "COP28: Delivering on our 2030 ambitions". As previously indicated by the editors Hydrogen Europe from Brussels, Belgium, Europe already has the building blocks of their hydrogen economy, and now its time to work.

You – and perhaps your country – may be surprised to learn everything that is already happening. Here are some specific contents.

- Global gateway and how is hydrogen involved.

Namibia and Brazil (Piauí State) are countries outside Europe specifically mentioned, due to their abundant solar and wind resources.

- Hydrogen Europe COP28 Statement.

"As economies speed up and scale up their efforts, clean hydrogen will be key".

- International Partnerships will be key to unlocking hydrogen’s potential.

European Union will need to produce 10 million ton (Mt) and import 10Mt of hydrogen. Hydrogen and ammonia included in the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). "Hydrogen Bank and the strengthened Emissions Trading System (ETS), are creating the right incentives for hydrogen uptake in Europe. Nonetheless, Europe cannot go at it alone". Numerous Memorandums of Understanding already signed around the globe.

- Standardisation and Quality Infrastructure.

Increasing "process efficiency by ensuring that products and services comply with established standards and regulations, thereby enhancing consumer safety and confidence". With some great references mentioned.

- Hydrogen Europe’s Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Mapping.

Updating our post "Hydrogen Europe e signatários: sobre a regulamentação da infraestrutura de combustíveis alternativos". Including new detais of daily supply capacity of hydrogen refuelling stations. And much, much more.

- How hydrogen can facilitate a just transition in developing countries.

- Safe and efficient H2 routing from tanks to fuel cell or H2 combustion engine.

- Hydrogen and fuel cell solutions for Hydrogen Valleys.

- Large-scale plant for industrial hydrogen projects.

And much more. It is a 100 pages edition.

Click at the image below (Cover photo: European Commission) to download The Hydrogen Europe Quarterly Magazine - Q4 2023.

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Or from the associated website .


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