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Sustainability and Agribusiness: a partnership that can open up more the carbon credits market

Agribusiness sustainability teams, in the search for better processes and more sustainable results, have increasingly looked at the potential of carbon credits. This includes an interest in understanding how this market would work in agriculture. Realizing this movement, large companies are moving. For example Bayer. In the United States formed a joint venture Joyn Bio with multi-year microbial strategic partner Ginkgo Bioworks in its work to develop biological solutions in areas such as nitrogen optimization, carbon sequestration and crop protection. In Israel the Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation fund, created by Bayer CropScience LP and The Trendlines Group Ltd., announced the creation of TierraSpec Ltd., aiming to develop a platform to measure and validate carbon sequestration in agricultural soils using remote sensing, employing unique test methods and advanced machine learning modeling. The platform will be an economic tool for the validation of carbon sequestration that will allow reporting to carbon registries for the issuance and sale of carbon credits. Specifically in Brazil, it developed and launched the Bayer Carbon Initiative in partnership with renowned Universities, an unprecedented program that values ​​sustainability in the countryside, to enable agriculture with greater carbon sequestration. Click the image below to learn more about this initiative. We also highlight some previous posts from this blog:

  • "About 800 producers are expected to participate in a program focused on carbon sequestration (Bayer)" (July 2021). See here.

  • "Carbon credits market: a global view (FIA / University of Coffee) (May 2021)". Read here.

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