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Sentieo Inc.: 33 Accelerating ESG Trends

Sentieo provides AI-powered financial intelligence platform specifically designed for the research needs of investors, currently over 1,100 global customers wordwide (link). It aggregates internal and external contents allowing the usesrs to surface, visualize, and share the insights that give them an edge. With the growth in ESG implementations across both the corporate and investment management sectors, Sentieo identified 33 accelerating ESG trends from conference call transcripts to highlight. Here are a few:

  • Broad topics: ESG, TCFD, Values ...

  • Environmental Topics, Carbon Footprint, Net Zero, Sustainability, Climate Change, Emissions, CO2, Lithium, Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen, Solar ...

  • Social Topics: Inclusion, Gender, Women, Diversity, Minority, Communities ...

  • Governance Topics: Stakeholders, Say on Pay, Shareholder Proposals, CEO Compensation ...

Click below to access this specific report (need to register for access). Graphs are fantastic. And dynamic.


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