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SEC targets greenwashing with new ESG fund disclosure rules

“ESG encompasses a wide variety of investments and strategies. I think investors should be able to drill down to see what’s under the hood of these strategies. This gets to the heart of the SEC’s mission to protect investors, allowing them to allocate their capital efficiently and meet their needs.” said Gary Gensler chair of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Interest in ESG grew significantly, driving a proliferation of investment products and services marketed as ‘green’ or ‘sustainable,’ but without clear rules communicating to investors the actual ESG-related attributes, methodologies and criteria that are being considered in the funds. That's why last 25 May 2022 SEC proposed new disclosure rules for funds and advisers that claim to integrate ESG factors into their products. Additionally, the new rules also address the risk of greenwashing. Click below to access the Press Release, the Fact Sheet, the Chair Gensler Statement and the Proposed Rule itself.


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