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Salesforce Enters the Carbon-Credit Business

The global voluntary carbon market is estimated to grow to $50B by 2030 as many organizations race to achieve their net zero commitments. Yet, organizations may not always know how to build a carbon credit portfolio — or even where to start. What’s more, the path to purchasing carbon credits is complex, and buyers want to trust that the carbon credit projects have a positive impact.

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, on 20 September 2022 introduced Net Zero Marketplace, a platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate climate positive impact at scale. And ushers in a new era of carbon credit market transparency by aggregating third-party ratings and pricing for projects.

Carbon credit providers Climate Impact Partners, Cloverly, Lune, Pachama, Native, A Public Benefit Corporation, Respira International, and South Pole, third-party rating companies Calyx Global and Sylvera, and curated climate portfolio provider join as inaugural partners.

Carbon credit projects go through a series of independent verifications against global standards. If they pass the verification process, the projects can issue carbon credits that can then be sold. Projects can include forest conservation, tree planting, wind farms, solar cookstoves, or better farming methods.

Click below for the press release and here to go to the Net Zero Marketplace portal.


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