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RenovaBio avoids the emission of 94.5 million tons of CO2eq

This volume is equivalent to the planting of more than 675 million trees since the beginning of the commercialization of Decarbonization Credits (CBios) in June 2020, kept standing for 20 years, according to an article by the Brazilian Union of the Sugarcane and Bioenergy Industry (ONLY).

UNICA is the representative entity of the main sugar, ethanol (fuel alcohol) and bioelectricity producing units in the Center-South region of Brazil, mainly in the State of São Paulo.

Each CBios, in practice, represents a ton of CO2eq that is no longer emitted thanks to the replacement of fossil fuels. This replacement occurs, for example, with the option for ethanol in vehicle fuel.

The Brazilian biofuel industry (ethanol and biodiesel) has a long history. Proálcool since 1975, then the National Biofuel Policy (RenovaBio) and the obligation to mix 27% ethanol in gasoline and 11% biodiesel in diesel.

The CBios generation process involves measuring the carbon intensity of the manufactured biofuel and its life cycle, following international rules and standards. The process involves auditing the indicators by external companies, public consultation with wide dissemination of the information collected and a final assessment carried out by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

Click on the image below for the original UNICA article, giving more details on the life cycle and with links to other equally interesting sources of information.

And about the evolution of CBios prices, you can follow it here on the B3 portal, the Brazilian stock exchange ("Consultas", right side). Last year there were significant price fluctuations, as you can recall in this post "Brazil: Soaring RenovaBio carbon credits become investigation at Cade".


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