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Preparing for tomorrow: European Green Deal topics in the EU 2024 Work Programme.

Today is Thursday, November 2, 2023.

The 2024 European Commission (EC) Work Programme was adopted last October 17. It informs citizens how the EC will deliver on political priorities and turn them into concrete action.

As it includes the region's next steps related to the European Green Deal, probably the most advanced both in terms of debates and actions, it might be worth refering to such Work Programme.

In short, for 2024 it should be expected:

(1) European wind power package;

(2) 2040 climate target;

and (3) Initiative for water resilience.

Elaborating with more details, we quote.

Energy. "... changes have been proposed for the electricity and gas markets, as well as new initiatives to spearhead the emergence of green hydrogen markets".

Vunerables. "... implementation of the Social Climate Fund, which together with the Just Transition Fund, will support vulnerable citizens, businesses and regions in the transition".

Food. "... launch a strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture in the EU, further engaging with farmers, stakeholders in the food chain and citizens, working together on the transition towards sustainable food systems ... laid out plans to safeguard food security and reinforce the resilience of food systems in the short and medium term ... action to achieve sustainable and resilient fisheries and aquaculture".

Wind, carbon capture and water. "... European wind power package to accelerate the deployment of wind turbines, improve access to finance and support the international competitiveness of European industry. ... initiative on industrial carbon management setting out a strategy for environmentally sustainable carbon capture, utilisation and storage deployment in the EU ... an initiative on water resilience to ensure access to water for citizens, nature and the economy, while also tackling catastrophic flooding and water shortages ...".

Advanced topics. "... reach agreement on the remaining proposals ...This includes the proposals on carbon removals, methane emissions reduction in the energy sector, industrial emissions, the energy performance of buildings, CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy-duty vehicles, type-approval of motor vehicles and engines, revision of the rules on the circularity of vehicles, revision of the TEN-T regulation and the greening of freight package, as well as electricity market design, renewable and natural gases and hydrogen. To foster sustainable farming and food security, the proposals on plants obtained by certain new genomic techniques and the sustainable use of plant protection products should also be agreed. ... true circular economy we need swift agreement on the ecodesign requirements for sustainable products, waste and packaging, shipment of waste, and the repair of goods. ... bring into law the proposals on nature restoration, classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals, air quality, urban wastewater treatment, and surface and groundwater protection."

Click here for the 2024 Commission Work Programme website and at the image below for the factsheet.


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